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Zakynthos, or in English Zante, is a Greek island, one of the seven islands belonging to the Ionian Islands or Heptanese group of islands.

Zante, similarly to the other Ionian Islands, was under Venetian occupation for over three centuries (1479 – 1797), while literature and arts have risen, leaving back a great heritage. While in Zante, there are many sights and historical places that are must-see, such as the Church of St. Dionyssios, the Church of St. Nikolaos Molos, the Venetian Bridge, the Venetian Castle, the Askos Stone Park, the Solomos Museum and many more.

Zante’s mountainous terrain comprises steep mountains and hills to the west of the island and grassy plain to the southeastern part. Due to the rough topography, the western part of Zante remains quite untouched, offering breathtaking views. When in Zante, there are some locations, such as Kalamaki, Tsilivi, Laganas and Vassilikos that you must visit. Other highlights include the Navagio Beach, the Blue Caves, the Roma Mansion, the Byzantine Museum and of course the town of Zante.

Zante’s economy is mainly based on tourism (63%), but agriculture remains a source of income for many locals. During your visit, you will notice that people in Zankynthos are friendly, warm-hearted and chatty! So, prepare yourselves for long conversations and a lot of singing. Yes, we forgot to mention that Zante has a long history of music tradition, and as you will notice, locals love to sing.

Zante is a diverse island and with a car from Zante Car Hire you will be able to visit the unique places that you have imagined.

Enjoy your holidays!

  • town center of Zakynthos
  • St. Dionysios Church
  • Walk around the Solomos Square
  • village of Bohali
  • Tragaki

Rent a car in Zante and explore all the hidden gems

There are many locations waiting to be explored with a car from Zante Car Hire
ZANTE CAR HIRE | Monuments Culture & museums
Culture & museums

With Zante Car Hire you can visit every historical place and sight on Zante island.

ZANTE CAR HIRE | Collect your car and taste Zante’s local cuisine.
Eating out

Collect your car and taste Zante’s local cuisine.

With a car from Zante Car Hire you can reach all the hidden and secluded beaches on the island.

With a car from Zante Car Hire you can reach all the hidden and secluded beaches on the island.

Must see attractions

There are certain locations in Zante you cannot miss!

Shipwreck (Navagio)

When hiring your car, you are recommended to visit the North West coast of Zakynthos. Here you will find the ‘Shipwreck’ or ‘Smugglers Cove’, also called ‘Navagio’, probably the most famous beach in Greece.

Blue caves

Most of the caves can be visited on a small or medium-size boat, while other caves can only be visited by keen swimmers and divers. The Caves are situated between Agios Nikolaos and Skinari Cape.

Porto Limnionas

Porto Limnionas is located to the west of Zante, only 7 km away from Agios Leon. To get to this Blue Lagoon on your hire car, you should drive though some of the most picturesque spots of Zakynthos.

Kampi sunset

The tiny village of Kampi lies on Zante’s western coast. The dramatic cliffs at the edge of the village overlook the Ionian Sea and afford the best sunset views on the island.